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We are looking for enthusiastic writers who want to guest post and share their articles. We at CBD Watcher solely focus on topics related to CBD, so if you are interested in contributing an article, we are more than welcome!

As a return you will be able to link to your own site, so you can use this as an opportunity to increase traffic and reach for your website.

How to submit

  1. Send us a brief topic summary & outline of the article which you are thinking of writing.
  2. After we review the outline, if we like the topic, we will give you an official request to write the article.
  3. Write the article (be sure to comply with our guidelines below), and send it to us along with any images and links which you want to include.
  4. Once we receive the article, we will do a final review and post it on our blog! Please note that we may fix some grammatical issues or slight wordings which we find more fitting.
  5. Include a link to CBD Watcher from somewhere on your website.


  • Articles should be at least 800 words.
  • Articles must be written in fluent English. We will fix slight errors, but if there are too many grammatical mistakes in the article we will not accept it.
  • Do not use copyrighted material.
  • Do not plagarise.
  • Article must start with a SEO-friendly title.
  • Break up the article into several sections, each with a fitting and SEO-friendly title.
  • Please include a brief bio (~50words) of the author.
  • No articles that are completely promotional. Even if you want to promote something, make sure the focus of the article is providing information and value.
  • Fact-check. We will not accept non-factual articles, and even after submission we may remove articles which we later find are not fact-checked.

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